NVS Disclaimer


Experimental Data and Products

NOT for Navigational or Operational Purposes

NVS is part of the Northwest Association of Networked Ocean Observing Systems (NANOOS), which is sponsored by a grant from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). The goals of NANOOS are to present existing and develop new and experimental prediction data and products to address the ocean observing and predicting needs of local stakeholders such as tribes, state/local governments, researchers, industry, educators, and the general public.

In the goal of supporting users, many of the data streams are presented in near real-time and have not been quality controlled. Please contact the data provider to get the quality controlled data. These data and products carry neither warranty nor certification of correctness; nor do these data/products purport to measure/predict impacts beyond the capabilities of existing and validated observational or predictive systems of federal, state, tribal, or local entities.

NANOOS and its member collaborators throughout Washington, Oregon, Northern California, and British Columbia (Canada) offer these new and existing experimental data and products but assume no liability for any damages arising from any predictions found herein. Rather, we provide them to indicate the value of future validated and verified data and products arising from this effort.



Determines the format in which units are displayed.

°F, ft, ft/s, Hg, etc.
°C, m, m/s, mbar, etc.

Lat / Lon Format

Determines the format in which latitude and longitude are displayed.

44° 31' 21.36"
DDD° MM.mmm'
44° 31.356'

Plot Y-Axis

Determines if plots use a common y-axis for all plots of the same measurement, or if each plot uses a y-axis based on its values.


No Asset Data for Selected Time

Determines what to do when newly selected asset does not have data at the selected time.

Always Ask
Select Closest Data Point
Do Nothing

Overlay Value Locations

Determines the location of numeric labels on map overlays. Only applicable to overlays that have value layers.

Geographical Features
Grid Points

Click to Create Places

Determines if map can be clicked once or multiple time to create places.